4 Things to Consider while Picking a Nightdress for Yourself

A nightdress is perhaps the most important addition to your wardrobe and however unimportant it may seem, let us remind you that a good quality nightdress can bring you the most beautiful sleep in the world. Be it the fabric, style, appeal, or comfort, everything needs to be taken care of when choosing a night dress for yourself. 

Through this blog, we shed some light on this topic and help you make a better nightdress choice. 

1. Pick a style

You cannot begin the hunt until you are sure of what you want. There are a hundred different styles of nightdress out there and you need to have a rough idea of what you need before you start looking for nightwear online. The few varieties trending in the market are satin night suits, cotton night suits, short and shirt nightwear, T-shirt and shorts co-ord nightwear, pajama and T-shirt nightwear, nightgowns, slip gowns, babydoll dresses, tank tops and shorts set and much more. You see there are hundreds of styles and tonnes of choices within it for you to decide on before you pick one, two, or three different nightwear for your wardrobe. 

2. Select the fabric

Now fabric preferences for all are different. Some may like the feel of pure cotton while some may like a satin collection. There are many more varieties of nightwear materials available in the market. Some of the popular ones include cotton, satin, silk, polyester, mull, rayon, hosiery, flannel and many more. If you are looking for a modern and fashionable night collection, satin would be a perfect pick. However, if you are looking for something cute and printed, rayon and cotton work best. Avoid polyester in nightwear. Hosiery works best if you are looking for a T-shirt and pajama combo. However, some may feel the heat in hosiery so pick accordingly. 

3. Fix a Budget

In the regular market, the price for nightwear starts at 250 and goes as high as 2500 and more. Now you need to fix a budget and attach importance to nightwear as it suits you. At Smarty Pants, we bring you a beautiful and extensive collection of modern night suits perfectly fitting within your budget. Don't settle for one when you can own multiple styles of night suits for different moods. 

4. Try the fit

Different nightwear is meant for different body types. While the regular night suit would look good on all, it's the print that matters. Pick the prints that suit your body style and colors that make your body look good. Now for the slip suits and slip dresses, you need to take into consideration your body type and pick a fabric that looks flattering and not exposing. Besides, avoid styles that aren't meant for your body type. Give comfort the topmost priority before anything else. 


Summing up, comfort should be at the heart of nightwear shopping. Don't splurge because we are here with nightwear styles that are in trend, budget, and variety. Head over to smarty pants and place your orders for the desired nightwear collection.

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