5 Types of Sleepwear Sets for Every Woman

Not long before the concept of investing in nightwear was limited to elites. The world of Internet and ECommerce in a way ignited the trend of nightwear amongst common people. And for all good reasons, this trend is the best of all. The importance of quality sleepwear is quite underrated. Sleepwear sets you in the right mood and induces better sleep. Be it fabric, color, or style- all play an important role when picking nightwear for women. There are tons of different nightwear a woman can have and we are here to educate with different nightwear. 

1. Night suit

Night suit is perhaps the comfiest nightwear a woman could own. From satin, cotton, and wool to rayon and spandex, night suits come in a variety of fabrics suitable for different weather and sizes. A night suit is a pair of pants and a shirt mostly. Sometimes, instead of a shirt, a t-shirt also makes a night suit pair. They are comfortable loungewear allowing you to hop and move freely at your will. 

2. Chemise and Babydolls

These are short nighties, mostly sleeveless. They are feminine and very sensual when picked in lace variants. Babydolls are a must-have for every woman after all sensuality needs to be played with. Babydolls can be available in lace, satin, cotton as well as hosiery fabrics. Depending on your style, invest in good ones. 

3. Nightgowns

Nightgowns are basically long gowns that can be well-fitting, open, or oversized. It’s on the style you decide to pick. Nightgowns can be sensual like babydolls. Layer a kimono or jacket over it and you are good to go. Nightgowns are easy to slip into and make a perfect choice to move around freely at your place your comfort. 

4. Nightdresses

Night dresses are like mini dresses that are up to your knee length. They can be sporty, sensual, comfy, or casual. Explore the night dress collection and experiment with different fabrics to get your perfect nightwear. 

5. Short Sets

Just like a night suit, a short set is short with a shirt or T-shirt. It’s a sporty and more youthful choice for women who love keeping nightwear minimal. 

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As important as it is to pick the style for your nightwear, you must also invest in good fabrics. Fabrics make 90% of the decisive point while making nightwear choices. There are tons of cotton night suits, satin night suits, flannel night suits, and other varieties available for women. Rayon is also a good pick of fabric for nightwear. It’s good to have at least a few of these varieties in your wardrobe. You can keep changing styles as per your mood. At Smarty Pants, we have an extensive collection of nightwear to suit the taste of every woman. Explore and shop now.

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