Indulge in a perfect sleep with 6 steps night time routine

Undisturbed effortless sleep is all we crave. Don’t we all just want to doze off and wake up fresh as a bubble 8 hours later? Well, the stress of everyday life and the glamour of the modern world has taken a toll on our sleep for sure. We all know enough about the importance of sleep. Of course, the root cause needs to be addressed to ensure that you get a smooth undisturbed sleep. 

A nighttime routine is a starting point to ensure that you get your beauty sleep. Here are a few things that Smarty Pants would promote the process of putting you to sleep quickly. Let’s look at the few easiest yet underrated practices that shall put you to sleep. 

1. Shower and clean up

A quick shower can fix a lot of problems. A quick shower will quickly wear off the stress of your day and will rejuvenate your body. Hop in the shower 90 minutes before your bedtime. It sends your brain a signal that it’s time to calm down and sleep. Besides, a shower will help you get to the bed cleaner by getting rid of dirt, buildup of sweat, and grease from all over the body. You tend to feel a little cold after that facilitates sound sleep. 

2. Clean Nightwear

Get into clean nightwear. The importance of sleepwear is often emphasized in sleep research. Get yourself a pair of comfortable and luxurious night suits. The sleepwear won’t only make you feel clean and energetic, but it will also induce confidence in you which would put you in sleep in a good mood. Get your nighttime wardrobe sorted with Smarty Pants. Explore our extensive range of Night Wear collections here

3. Self-care

Here while talking of skincare we mean beauty processes. Moisturize your skin. Get started with the skincare and haircare routine. Spend a good 10-15 minutes indulging in your beauty care. This will make you feel more confident and energized. When you get to bed in a good mood, you wake up feeling more refreshed. Moreover, night therapies on skin and hair are important for speedy results. 

4. Journal 

Spend some time journaling your thoughts. Write everything about your day. Go into detail as to how you felt in certain situations and what made you happiest. Write your gratitude and affirmations. Plan your next day by preparing to-do lists or tasks to achieve. These all are important for the stability of your mental health. 

5. Meditate

Not a long stretch meditation but a quick breathing exercise could induce better sleep. There are breathing exercises that promote sound sleep and relieve tension and stress. 

Here’s a breathing exercise for you to try. 

Breathe in at the count of 7. Hold your breath for a count of 5. Exhale at the count of 5. Do this 11 times and you will see your nerves calming down and transcending you into a peaceful slumber. 

6. Turn off your electronics

We get it. Everyone has a sudden urge to scroll through Instagram one last time before bed. Avoid that. Don’t reply to that text and don’t scroll aimlessly. Instead, get a book. Reading before bedtime has ample benefits. Firstly, it shall clear the clutter from your mind. Secondly, it’s better than those UV rays radiating through your phone which signals your brain's neuro to stay awake. And lastly, it will doze you off to sleep sooner than you think. 

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Start now. An unhealthy sleeping schedule is nothing glam to boast about. Indulge in time with yourself and tune yourself out from the world before going to bed. 

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