Ultimate Guide for the Best Nightwear Fabrics for Sleep Time

If anything, sleep should feel like a luxury everyone deserves. Our lives are filled with the stress of everyday matters and most of the time it’s our sleep that takes the toll. There’s a reason why the nighttime routine has become a thing now. Every little thing that makes you go to sleep peacefully deserves to be a top priority on your list. Be it bedding, skincare, soothing chamomile teas or snuggly nightwear. At Smarty Pants, we bring you a list of all the Nightwear materials that should make their way to your wardrobe. Here are ideal nightwear materials you should invest in.

Ideal fabrics for nightwear

  • Cotton is the softest and most beautiful fabric for your sleepwear. Cotton is a luxury and affordable sleepwear fabric for your nighttime. Considering the hot weather of India, beautiful and breathable cotton makes for the optimal choice. Additionally, you can invest in cotton flannel pants for the winter. They will keep you warm and comfy during the chilly winters.
  • The luxury of Linen is unparalleled. It's a magical material and leisure sleepwear perfect for people with sensitive skin. Linen is lightweight and maintains freshness while you doze off comfortably at night. It's a royal fabric and needs to make its place in your sustainable wardrobe.
  • Rayon is better than cotton if derived naturally. It's softer, lightweight and breathable making it ideal for sleep time fabrics. Natural rayon is derived from bamboo pulp and has a beautiful soft texture that feels like a snuggled dream. One of the prominent reasons for choosing rayon is its antimicrobial nature making it perfect for hot summers in India.
  • Silk is the queen of luxury fabrics. You simply cannot go wrong with silk nightwear especially if you have sensitive skin. It allows your skin to breathe naturally and regulate the body temperature according to the temperature outside. Wake up with soft skin every day by indulging in silk nightwear, be it gowns, suits or pants.
  • Satin is a glamorous and elegant fabric that glides gently over your skin. It's comfortable, and soft and keeps you cool during the hot summers of India. It doesn't stick to your body and keeps your body extremely fresh all night long.
  • The polyester blend is a beautiful fabric that feels like the softest feather. It is a perfect fabric for chilly winters when the temperature drops a little. Polyester blend keeps you warm and traps body heat, thereby keeping you warm and snuggly.
  • Flannels are insulating and fluffy. It traps the body heat and makes you warm during chilly winters. Flannel pants and T-shirts make for an ideal choice, especially during travels to extremely cold places.





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Always ensure that the fabric you choose is comfortable for you and good for your skin. Even if you pick synthetic fabrics, make sure that you aren't allergic to them. Pick a nightwear style that you adore and experiment with a few. There are tons of sleepwear options available in the market to suit your taste, style and budget. At Smarty Pants, we have an extensive collection of Nightwear Collections in varying of these materials helping you choose from the extensive offering. Head over to Smarty Pants and shop now

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